State/public sector

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  • Joanna Reid is head of office in Somalia for the UK's Department for International Development. She says she is just an ordinary civil servant, and that she has the best job in the world
  • Kate Chandler is an inspector within the Animals in Science Regulation Unit of the Home Office. It is a role in which she uses her experience in clinical and research work on a daily basis
  • David Love describes how his veterinary degree has allowed him to expand his career horizons beyond what may be considered normal for many British veterinarians
  • Veterinary forensics is a new and emerging field of veterinary medicine. David Bailey, who recently developed a postgraduate training programme in the subject, outlines what the work involves
  • Stephen Barabas has worked in practice, was a front line vet during the FMD epidemic in 2001 and has worked in industry. He has also set up a company to help vets develop their own websites
  • Brigadier Tom Ogilvie-Graham discusses how to become a vet in the army, what it entails, the pros and cons and how you can join
  • Linda Smith looks at some of the options available working in the public sector, including operational and policy-based roles