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  • Julian Earl originally thought that he would spend his career working with pets, but having enjoyed getting some experience with livestock and horses, he eventually spent more than 30 years as a mixed practice vet
  • Fabian Rivers describes himself as a ‘self-professed novelty junkie’ who thrives on variety. This makes him ideally qualified for life as an exotics vet, where he never knows what animal will be next through his consulting room door
  • Catherine Man has had a varied veterinary career leading to her current role as a Veterinary Investigation Officer for the Animal and Plant Health Agency. She is fascinated by animals, particularly wildlife, and enjoys piecing together evidence to determine why an animal died
  • Like many new vets, Chris Woodroff began his career in mixed practice but, as time went by, he found himself becoming more involved in large animal work. For the past 15 years, he has focused solely on farm practice. He says that life as a farm animal vet can sometimes be tiring, but is rarely bo...
  • Navaratnam Partheeban has a passion for cattle. His career has taken him from clinical farm practice to academia and into industry. Here, he describes his current role, and some of the opportunities that exist for vets in industry
  • Fish (aquaculture) vets will play a vital role in helping to feed a predicted 9.8 billion people worldwide by 2050. But what do aquaculture vets do, and how do you become one? Simon Doherty gives you the lowdown on life as a fish vet
  • Justine Shotton began her vet career caring for domestic species before fulfilling a long-held ambition to work with wild animals
  • Malcolm Morley bucked a family trend and became a vet rather than a doctor. He now works as an ambulatory equine vet caring for horses across Hampshire
  • We recently asked 5 vets the question ‘what do you like most about being a vet?’ Watch our video to find out what vets had to say about the profession
  • Are you wondering what GCSEs and A Levels you need to have to become a vet? Our guide will help you make the best educational choices to set you on the right track
  • Work experience is a great way of finding out whether being a vet is the right career for you. Here is some information about the things you need to think about when finding work experience
  • The RVC and Bayer hosted 2 free education days at Bayer’s Reading headquarters for young people interested in pursuing a career with animals
  • EdVet aims to promote careers in veterinary medicine to school children of all ages