A Locum

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  • After two years in practice, Sharon McGeeney was burned out and emotionally fatigued, and considered leaving the profession. Instead, by working part time she has regained her love of vet work, although she initially felt guilty that she wasn’t able to continue with full-time practice life
  • Despite suffering a variety of injuries over the past two years, Steven Impey has continued work as a locum vet. He says that being honest and open about your limitations can allow you to apply your skills in practice
  • Having returned from travelling and working in Australia, the Covid-19 pandemic has given Anna Leach the chance to consider where she would like to take her career next
  • Vet Emma Lyons offers some helpful tips on making the best of the opportunities offered by a working holiday in Australia
  • Emma Callaghan says that volunteering has brought variety, interest and opportunity to her life and has renewed her enthusiasm for veterinary work
  • Working as a locum can provide a host of benefits. This article takes a closer look at 5 reasons why locuming could be right for you
  • Paula Bailey thought she might enter academia, however, a period of travelling and locum work confirmed her enjoyment of practice life
  • Locum work helped to support Hugo Richardson during his studies, where he found that this style of working suited him very well