[Video] What I like about being a vet

We recently asked 5 vets the question ‘what do you like most about being a vet?’ The answers we received from these vets were all very positive views about working in the veterinary profession.  

Liz Kelly, a government vet, said she loved being a vet because of the many opportunities that are available with the veterinary degree. She stressed that being a vet doesn’t just mean that you treat sick animals in practices. There are many other opportunities available such as working in government, research or the pharmaceutical industry.

Josh Hardwick, a vet working in small animal practice, says it’s the variation of the veterinary career that he finds both rewarding and challenging. 

Sally McGettigan, who has been a vet for nearly 50 years, loves working with both animals and people, a similar view shared by Robin Hargreaves, who says his job satisfaction comes from helping to develop members of staff. 

Jonathan Spurgeon sums up the importance of a veterinary career: “It's a valuable job in society. It's a worthwhile thing I feel I've done.” 

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