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Back in 2015, when I was applying to vet school, I was frustrated by the lack of vet school application advice available online. I felt there was a gap in this area, especially when compared with human medicine, which offered many more forums, videos and blogs dedicated to medical school applications.

So, during the first lockdown of 2020, the prospect of several months of solitude and free time inspired me to find ways to add value to other people’s lives. The pandemic meant that vet school applicants could not visit the universities in person to get the feel of the campus, so I figured that it might be helpful to interview vet students from various UK schools to share their experiences as vet students. As vet school resumed in September, I thought it might be interesting to document final year being carried out during the pandemic, so I decided to make videos about that as well. 

Now, alongside various informative blogs such as EdVet, AVS and Vet Medic Mentor, I hope my YouTube videos can contribute to this ‘vault’ of vet school resources and help students navigate the application process. 

If you’re applying to vet school this year, I sincerely hope you find these videos useful and wish you all the best in your vet school applications! 









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About May

May Yean Chua

May Yean Chua has just graduated from the University of Cambridge. She is passionate about mentoring students to get into vet school and shares some tips on the application process and how to survive vet school through her YouTube channel and blog. In her spare time, she is a mentor at Zero Gravity UK and Vet Medic Mentor to help increase the accessibility of veterinary medicine to students from diverse backgrounds.

YouTube Channel: May Vet Student 

Blog: www.thatsmesunny.com


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