Marc Armour's week - EMS with the BVA's journals

Marc Armour and Adele Waters


It's Monday morning, so of course things are going wrong: a delayed train, spilt coffee and Google Maps throwing a tantrum seems only to be expected as I wander around London's Zone 1 trying to find BMA House. Once found, I'm welcomed into the loving arms of the Vet Record and In Practice office and start work, critically assessing the journals and their competitors.


Battersea Dogs and Cats Home's launch of a major campaign calling for harsher punishments for people who seriously abuse animals is a really interesting news piece and I start to research the tangled legislation safeguarding animal welfare and what's being done to reform it.

I get my first insight into a professional meeting – I'm disappointed to find these aren't quite as dramatic as Alan Sugar likes to make them on TV; I did not get fired.


I create and launch a student opinion poll for a potential news piece, interested to find if the results are as we expect. I get the chance to explore the immediate area on my lunch break, nostalgic for the days when I used to live ‘just around the corner’. I get to learn more about Vet Record Case Reports and Vet Record Open – I don't know why more people aren't subscribing to these online journals!


This morning I'm invited to observe a meeting at BVA HQ concerning future content of BVA News, which is followed by a commercial meeting at BMJ HQ. I get to fully appreciate the scale and depth of the journals and the work that goes into them and find that my opinion is valued. The afternoon ends with tears of laughter as the team attempts a serious office photo shoot – Leibovitz, eat your heart out. Storm Doris causes havoc...


Here it is, my big moment. I pitch my ideas and feedback to the editorial team of Vet Record and In Practice and it all goes swimmingly well. It's sad to say goodbye, but I thank everyone for showing me the ropes and know I'll bump into them in the near future. I seriously recommend this placement to my vet student colleagues.

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