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I'd often thought about becoming a teacher because I liked the idea of helping people to be the best they could be. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons I set up Grads to Vets – a support service for newly qualified vets in independent practice.

What is Grads to Vets?

It’s a new graduate scheme for independent practices, offering new graduates a comprehensive 12-month support and CPD package.

It aims to give new graduates the skills and support they need to thrive in their first year in practice in the hope it will lead to a long-term increase in job satisfaction.

What does the scheme involve?

The scheme has four key components aimed at tackling the common problems – isolation, lack of directed learning, career progression and lack of support. Each young vet on the scheme gets:

  • A pastoral mentor (a recent graduate, working in practice) who can provide down-to-earth advice and support from a standpoint of recent experience.
  • A clinical coach – another vet within their practice who has received extra training in coaching skills.

  • A comprehensive CPD programme that involves three full attendance days of CPD on emergency and critical care; consulting and communication skills; and the RCVS professional development phase. Each graduate can also choose an online CPD course on a topic of their choice through CPD Solutions.

  • Regular CPD evening meet-ups for graduates on the scheme working in the same region, providing a ready-made local support and social group.

How is it funded?

Each practice pays an enrolment fee for their new graduate. Usually, this is instead of providing them with a CPD allowance in their first year’s salary package (the scheme provides approximately 40 hours of CPD in addition to the 35 hours that graduates can log from completing their PDP). The scheme is supported by organisations that provide CPD and support for a fraction of the usual cost.

Who can apply?

Final-year vet students can apply directly by sending a CV and covering letter to: Graduates who have already been offered a job with an independent practice can ask the practice to contact us for more information about enrolling on the scheme. I’d also be happy to hear from forward-thinking independent practices that are considering employing a new graduate this summer.

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