Veterinary Surgeon

Laos (LA)
09 Oct 2019
09 Nov 2019

Jaded of working 60 hours a week?
Feeling under appreciated by clients?
Fed up with bad weather?
Forgot what a 'work life balance' feels like?
Struggling to find that elusive 'quality of life' everyone else is talking about?

Animal Doctors International could be the place for you!

We offer a liberal, supportive working environment - with customers that appreciate us and pets that need us! We're fully equipped with Digital X-Ray, in house lab, surgical suite & 1-1 Vet/Nurse support so you're never 'alone'!

Only 4 working days per week & ample time to enjoy the warm weather, tropical beaches and lush rainforests of SE Asia - in fact our vets spend more than 40% of their time off duty!

Low living costs & a highly competitive local salary allow for a great quality of life & the ability to save for a rainy day (what's that feel like I hear you ask!).

We operate 2 hospitals and are expanding with our 3rd in the coming months - an exciting opportunity to really become involved in the direction of the clinic & to expand your clinical and surgical capacity.

Our International team consists of 6 International Vets (from the UK, Ireland, Poland, Serbia and more!) and 8 Vietnamese & Lao Vets: most of our team came for a year, re-found their love for Veterinary medicine and then stayed for more!

We also offer regular CPD opportunities around the region; fancy brushing up on neurology in Bangkok, orthopedics in Hong Kong, seminars in Singapore?

We'd love to hear from you - we're not your usual vet clinic & we're sure you're not just 'another vet'. Be unique, experience something new & make a difference in a country where Vet care is lacking and patients truly appreciate you.

Send your CV to Dr Tara by clicking the Apply button and we'll set up a friendly interview to get to know each other!